Aplus EZ Dock – Dock Anchoring

Effective Dock Anchoring for Any Water Condition

Once your EZ Dock system is in place, our dock anchoring solutions make sure that it will stay intact. These anchoring components are simple to install and safe to use.

Constructed of either polyethylene or steel, both of which are long-lasting, durable materials that can range from light to heavy duty. They provide a wide range of reliable options to construct a dock for nearly any use and water space.

Anchoring Options for EZ Docks
SLIDE ANCHOR SLIDE ANCHOR – Heavy duty aluminum slide anchor provides tight anchoring solution to allow docks to adjust to changing water levels.
Part #: 900101AAWS
PILING TUBE BRACKET PILING TUBE BRACKET – Marine aluminum bracket used with HDPE pipe to eliminate wear on pilings and winter freeze issues.
Part # 900102
piling tube bracket sharing a coupler with float step ladder COUPLER SHARING – Efficient use of couplers, this picture shows a piling tube bracket sharing a coupler with a FloatStep™ ladder.