Aplus EZ Dock – Ladders

Aplus EZ Dock offers the amazing FloatStep™ ladder for EZ Docks, Aluminum and Wood Docks. We also offer 3 addtional ladders.

The FloatStep™ ladder is always available when you need it.

Ladder Selection for EZ Docks, Aluminum Docks and Wood Docks
floatstep ladder logo animated gif FLOATSTEP® LADDER – Watch the video below of the FloatStep® in action.
EZ Dock Flip Up Ladder EZ DOCK FLIP UP LADDER – This is an aluminum ladder that couples into the EZ Dock system and uses any two pockets of an EZ Dock section.  When not in use the ladder can be raised and stored in an upright position until needed again.
EZ Dock Fixed Pier Ladder FIXED PIER DOCK – This is an aluminum ladder designed to raise itself out of the water when not in use.  The ladder contains a float under the bottom step that automatically pushes the ladder out of the water completely when not in use and comes in three to ten step models.
EZ Dock Ladder for Floating Wood Dock FLOATING WOODEN FLOATSTEP LADDER – This is basically the same as the EZ Dock FloatStep ladder however it is mounted on a floating wooden dock and comes in a three or four step model.
FloatStep®, The ladder that removes itself from the water!