Aplus EZ Dock – Mooring and Boarding Systems

Frog Hooks – A Secure, Stable Mooring and Boarding System

Features & Benefits

  • No stress docking
  • Confident boarding for the insecure
  • Hassle-free hook up
  • A safer way for loading equipment
  • More boats stored in less space
  • Easier boarding for family and pets
  • Firm footing when loading
  • Protection of your investment
  • Elimination of fingers, lines and fenders

For boats from 12 to 28 feet

Frog Hooks mooring and boarding system is the way to make every docking perfect. Frog Hooks are recommended for boats from 12 to 28 feet and are designed for floating docks in tidal areas or permanent docks where there is little tidal change and are adjustable dock and boarding systems allowing you to secure boats one foot apart providing a space efficient holding dock boats. The adjustable models allow different size boats to be held in the same slip and eliminates the need for finger piers, pilings, ropes increasing the number of boats you can dock by up to 30%.

Frog Hooks allow boats to be anchored in a minimum amount of space

Frog Hooks provide an easy and economical docking system for your boat that allows more boats to fit in the same amount of water since no finger docks, outside pilings or dock lines are required. Available for both floating wood dock systems and EZ Dock the product comes with the connection hardware for any floating dock system. Using the standard EZ Dock hardware connectors you attach the Frog Hooks to the EZ Dock installation and Frog Hooks can accommodate boats ranging from 12′ to 28′ and are available in galvanized, fiberglass or marine aluminum.

Easy boarding and engine access

Complete with all galvanized steel installation hardware, Frog Hooks come in pairs shaped similar to ironing boards. The wide end of each hook is attached to the dock with hardware that allows the hooks to hinge up out of the way when not in use. The tapered or narrower end of each FROG HOOK has clevis-pin bolts that go through the transom toweyes on each side. They not only hold a boat securely in place but also serve as ramps for boarding for working on the motor or lower unit and disembarking after securing the canvas.

Click here to view how to install Frog Hooks.

Selecting the Right Frog Hooks for Your Boat

The size of the Frog Hooks is determined by type of engine not by the size of the boat. The important factor is amount of clearance needed from transom to the dock, allowing enough for the engine or swim platform. Some newer V-6 engines need more clearance that our 46″ outboard models provide, requiring use of the 52″ models, in order to enable engines to tilt up and not touch the dock.

  • 32″ Models – Are sold for inboards and sterndrives in tidal areas on floating docks. They also can be used on stationary docks for outboard boats as they do not need to tilt their engines up in fresh water. If on a stationary dock in a tidal area, use the 46″ models to allow for water fluctuation. Ideal for pontoon boats as well.
  • 46″ Models – Use almost anywhere, with exception of stationary docks in tidal areas more than 2′.
  • 52″ Models – Use with outboards that have the long shaft engines

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