PWC Lifts

Three Different Variations of EZ Dock PWC Lifts

EZ Port Max Easy Lift

Our Split Tail EZ Port Max – the newest generation of PWC lifts

Docking your PWC has never been easier.

The new EZ Port Max Easy Lift (or as we call it the “Split Tail”) is the latest in a long line of EZ Dock product enhancements.

Twenty years ago EZ Dock introduced the EZ Port 1, the industry’s first dock for the market’s first personal watercraft.

While some customers continue to use this dock, a testimony to the quality of EZ Dock products, most customers have migrated to the EZ Port 2, EZ Port 3, and the new EZ Port Max over the years due to the constant increases in PWCs sizes.

We are excited to introduce for 2011 the second generation of the EZ Port Max which we affectionately call the “Split Tail” This new generation of the EZ Port Max can now handle any PWC offered today as well as small boats with outboard engines.

With a capacity to support 1700 lbs the Max Split Tail has the other following advantages:

  • For customers that have limited strength for launching PWCs, the new EZ Port Max roller configuration has again set a new industry record! Launching PWCs has never been easier. The system makes launching PWCs so easy that for customers who only have 5 feet of width, but long boat slips, you now can store 2, 3 or more PWCs in line and easily move them the entire length of the dock.
  • For customers not that experienced, you no longer have to worry about damaging the hull of your PWC when docking because the split tail guides you on to the dock and eliminates any impact of the initial roller at the water level. Docking your PWC will feel and look like a seal coming out of the water on to a floating dock, smooth and easy.
  • The ability to connect the Port Max side to side or one behind the other (in-line) offers much more flexibility in designing how you wish to use your available waterfront. Now boats and watercraft can reside in the same slip.
    • Port Max – Easier Docking – less possibility of hull damage by novice drivers
    • Port Max – Easier Launching – more rollers that automatically adjust to any hull
    • Port Max will handle 1700 lbs. versus the Port 3 at 1300 lbs. Can also be used to dock small boats with outboards
    • Port Max has the highest Resale Value and the configuration allows for inline or side by side installation

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PWC Lifts - Split Tail

Port Max Lifts

Port Max 2i

PWC lift port max 2i

Introducing EZ Dock’s new EZ Port MAX 2i.
This port offers a single piece design with all the key features of the proven Port MAX

Featuring an integrated built-in flotation device designed for heavy lifting up to 1700lbs (771kg) with an easy entry and patented roller system to allow for effortless porting and launching. The EZ Port MAX 2i also features five hand-hold/tie-off points allowing for easy handling and/or mooring.

View the Product Announcement with more details here.

The EZ Port Max Lift is Modular, Adaptable and Expandable

EZ Dock has announced a new PWC dock designed to handle more PWCs in less space. You can now easily and safely store two or more Waverunners, Seadoos, or Jet Skis in 5′ of water compared to the previous 10′ requirement. A new and unique roller configuration provides you the ability to dock the first machine, insert a removable bulkhead, and then dock the next machine “in line”. Due to the advanced roller system you can exit the dock with the first machine and “walk the second machine” to the launch space.

There is no limit to the number of “in line” machines you can store and customers such as the one noted in the picture now have a solution. Also, customers with boats and PWCs in marinas can now fit two or more machines plus their boat!

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PWC Lifts - Port Max

Port 3 Lifts

PWC Port 3 Lifts – SEA-DOO, WAVERUNNER, and JETSKI Lifts Make Docking and Launching Part of the Fun.

Features & Benefits

  • Low maintenance
  • Adjustable rollers
  • Beige color
  • Variety of anchoring options
  • Convenient accessories
  • Versatile modular design
  • Secure connection couplers
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Safe, slip resistant surface
  • Four season accessibility

EZ Port personal watercraft (PWC) lifts are the original, drive-on, push-off method of dry-docking your PWC. There is no need for winching, cranking, pumping, or hoisting. EZ Port PWC lifts are capable of lifting any Sea-Doo, JetSki, or Waverunner. Plus, supplemental floatation is available for larger and heavier PWCs.

EZ Port PWC lifts can be mounted as part of the EZ Dock floating modular dock system, to any existing dock, or used as a stand-alone docking station. EZ Port adjusts with water levels and protects your personal watercraft from damage caused by wind or wave action.

EZ Port is a one-piece unit with adjustable rollers making docking and launching a breeze. Rollers are easily adjusted to fit any type of Sea-Doo, Waverunner, or JetSki. EZ Port PWC lift installation requires few tools and very little time. However, installation is available if needed. The EZ Port dry-docking system is the fastest, simplest, and easiest personal watercraft storage to use.

3 pictures showing the 3 stages of docking a PWC

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PWC Lifts - Port 3

Model Size Weight Flotation Capacity* Part #
   A   EZ Port I 118″ x 60″ x 15″
3m x 1.5m x 38cm”
230 lbs.
104 kg
625 lbs.
283.5 kg
   B   EZ Port II 127″ x 60″ x 15″
3.2m x 1.5m x 38cm”
240 lbs.
109 kg
800 lbs.
363 kg
   C   EZ Port III 151″ x 60″ x 15″
3.8m x 1.5m x 38cm”
280 lbs.
127 kg
1300 lbs.
590 kg
   D   Extension* 20″ x 60″ x 15″
.5m x 1.5m x 38cm”
50 lbs.
23 kg
100 lbs.
45 kg
   E   EZ Port IV** 168″ x 80″ x 15″
4.5m x 2.0m x 38cm”
500 lbs.
227 kg
1600 lbs.
705 kg

  • * Extension available for EZ Ports I & II, allowing easy expansion for use with larger PWC’s. Supplemental flotation available for specific applications. Because of the rotomolding process, weights and dimensions may vary.
  • ** This model is for 4-seat personal watercraft only.