EZ Docks are Durable

EZ Docks are extremely strong and outlast wood 2-3 times…

Picture of cross section of an EZ Dock showing air pockets and internal structure

EZ Dock is the most durable floating dock system available today and the combination of the patented structure (picture of poly truss frame) and unique coupler system enables the dock system to withstand both severe weather storms and ice conditions.

We provide an eight year replacement warranty that is not prorated, the dock is replaced with a new dock if there is a failure. EZ Dock was the first system of its kind when introduced 21 years ago and we have docks that remain in the water today still providing exceptional service.

Since the product has only been available for 21 years it is difficult to forecast the actual life cycle of the EZ Dock system and eventually UV light will start to affect the docks. We believe the useful life of the EZ Dock System will be two or three times the life expectancy of wooden and other dock solutions however it may be thirty more years before we have documented experience.

And stability? Need we say more?

Picture of a Hummer floating on an EZ Dock