Parks and recreation docks are not one-size-fits all solutions. Depending on your needs, you may need EZ Launch® Residentials, walkways or even boardwalks to handle swampy areas. EZ Dock creates docks for parks and recreation areas around the world, and our customizable solutions ensure you get the dock systems you and your park users need.


EZ Dock can offer park floating docks, walkways, swim platforms, boat docks, EZ Launch® Residentials and PWC ports, so park visitors can make use of the waterfront and water areas with a wide variety of enjoyable activities. Our customization options mean you can create the docks and waterfront you want, reflecting how users and the community typically make use of your park or recreation area.

EZ Dock systems are also a strong investment for the future. They are designed to be durable, so they provide visitors nearly endless water and boating fun. Our docks are created to be weather-resistant, so they last and are able to withstand the local climate, regardless of where your park is located. With low maintenance involved, your docks are available year-round and attract visitors to your park or recreation area time and again.

EZ Dock products offer many benefits for your park or recreational center. Our team of designers will work with you when outlining the initial project specs through the final installation. We will:

  • Help bring your park’s floating walkway to life according to budget and spatial requirements.
  • Work with your architectural division to provide barefoot-friendly, versatile floating docks for your park.
  • Ensure a seamless installation of your park’s floating walkways from beginning to end.
  • Combine best-in-market recycled rubber couplings and pioneering designs to allow for flexible, durable and up-to-date floating dock creations.
  • Allow you to combine any of our various sized boat camp docks for the waterfront experience you crave. If you have your eye on more than one floating dock for your park or recreational center, we can accommodate that as well.
  • Add boat lifts, slides, benches, personal watercraft (PWC) ports or swimming docks to an existing structure — or construct an entirely new floating walkway.


As a park and recreational center owner, you’ll benefit from adding the following to your public space:

  • EZ Trail® Floating Walkways: EZ Dock’s EZ Trail® system creates accessible pathways and ramps in your park or recreational center. EZ Trail® floating walkways consist of large modular sections that require little to no maintenance and are easy to install. If you’d like to modify your park’s floating walkway or add sections, our team will happily accommodate your needs.
  • EZ BoatPort®: The EZ BoatPort® offers a seamless and straightforward method of docking boats. The parks and recreation dock from EZ Dock can accommodate boats up to 5,000 pounds, making it the perfect solution for fishing boats, jet boats and skiffs.
  • EZ Launch® Residential: EZ Launch® Residentialing solutions from EZ Dock are designed for docking and launching kayaks at parks and recreational centers. The EZ Launch® Residential has integrated paddle notches to keep them locked in place during your ride. For a more versatile floating dock solution, our EZ Launch® System can accommodate both kayaks and canoes. ADA-accessible railings make this floating walkway ideal for any park or other public space.
  • PWC ports: We designed the EZ Port®, the original, drive-on personal watercraft lift, in 1996. Our patented design paved the way for a modular inline system to easily and efficiently store numerous PWCs. Our new EZ Port 280 is the ideal solution for anyone who needs a low-maintenance, easy-access, drive-on port.


For over 26 years, EZ Dock has been committed to offering a wide range of parks and recreation dockswith architecture designs unparalleled in the industry. EZ Dock provides floating dock park assistance to architects and designers through every step of the process from initial conception through final installation. Our experts will ensure your park’s floating walkway is made with high-quality, durable materials to fit your project and site considerations.

Whether you desire a boat camp dock with low upkeep or want a product to provide convenient access to your marina, lake or river, we have the solutions for you.

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