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Our floating swim platforms for lakes are designed to be slip-resistant. Slip-resistant texture is molded right into the surface, helping to reduce the occurrence of slip and fall accidents. Grooves in the surface sluice water away, meaning no standing puddles of water when swimming.

EZ Dock floating platforms for lakes are created to be durable in all sorts of weather. Summer and winter storms won’t get them down, so you can keep enjoying ideal swimming conditions year after year. Made from durable recycled plastic, EZ Dock platforms also resist rot, which makes them safer and lets them last longer.

Floating Lake Swim Platforms for Every Application

EZ Dock’s easy-to-install, low-maintenance swimming platforms are ideal for both residential and commercial uses. Our customization options make our floating swim docks perfect for a variety of activities, including:

  • Swimming
  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Photography and film purposes
  • Wildlife research

Our lake home swim platforms are ideal for the cottage or your home if you want to swim with easy access to the water.


Your time is precious, which is why EZ Dock has created low-maintenance, hassle-free platforms. You shouldn’t be spending weekends and afternoons replacing planks, taking out protruding nails or repainting and re-staining your swim platform. These days are better spent enjoying a refreshing swim with family and friends. EZ Dock floating swim platforms for lakes and ponds help you get the most out of your waterfront property.

Our popular floating lake swim platforms offer many incredible advantages over traditional lakefront docks:

  • Barefoot-friendly: EZ Dock swim platforms are designed to be safer for bare feet and comfortable. If you sit on them to enjoy the water, you don’t have to worry about splinters. And the material stays cooler on hot days, so there’s less chance your feet will hurt while walking barefoot into the lake.
  • Durability: EZ Dock floating platforms for lakes are designed to last, year after year, with virtually no maintenance. There are no nails popping out, no rotten wood and no chemicals leaking into the water from treated lumber. With EZ Dock products, you get just one thing — durable, high-quality docks that stand the test of time so that you can spend more time swimming while enjoying peace of mind.
  • Safety: EZ Dock swim platforms are designed with safety in mind. The slip-resistant surfaces molded into the dock ensure swimmers can walk across the platform with less risk of slipping and falling. Grooves draw off water, so there’s less water pooling when you’re enjoying a family swim.
  • Versatility: EZ Dock floating swim platforms for sale are easy to assemble and completely customizable. They come in various types, shapes and sizes that you can configure to get the swim experience you and your family want.
  • Room to grow: Your EZ Dock can grow and evolve as your needs change. Our floating swim platform makes it quick and virtually painless to shrink or expand. For example, the unique coupling design allows you to easily convert your swimming platform into a floating walkway or PWC launch.
  • Easy to use: EZ Dock swim platforms feel completely stable, making it easy for even the youngest swimmers to enter and exit the water. They also accommodate fluctuating water levels, allowing for easy access to the water during both low and high tide.
  • Withstands the rigors of Mother Nature: From fluctuating water levels to storms, nature can take a toll upon your lakeside retreat. EZ Dock swim platforms have the proven strength to weather a wide range of conditions.
  • Add your own signature: From swim ladders to dock slides, the EZ Dock modular system makes it easy to add a variety of accessories and configurable products to create your own signature swim platform.
  • Helpful distributors: Our worldwide distributor network offers guidance and service every step of the way to ensure you get the swim platform you want for your lakeside property.


Since you will be installing these platforms in your own lake or waterway, we’ve made these platforms environmentally-sound. Not only are they made from recycled plastic, but they will also not leak chemicals into the water (the way treated lumber sometimes can), helping you keep your lake cleaner.

EZ Dock products are also incredibly versatile. You can find our platforms and docks near restaurants, homes, recreational areas and just about every other type of waterfront property! Our customers include the military, security companies, camps, some of the most exclusive waterfront estates and more. Our versatility allows us to build the exact waterfront swim area you want.


Designed to last, our products ensure you don’t have to spend time on maintenance, allowing you to spend more time in the water. Best of all, our swim platforms will continue to function and look great, year after year.

Contact your EZ Dock dealer for design ideas for your floating swim platform.

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